Processes and methodologies


Innovation design
Digital transformation
Strategic development
Customer journey mapping
Creation of interactive devices
Business analysis
Software and game design
Entertainment plurimedia
Interactive manipulations
Historical re-enactments and fictions
Augmented reality
Virtual reality
Mixed reality
Data processing
Multimedia experiences
Transmedia storytelling
Science and Tech
Object and space design
Sensorial and emotional design
Artistic creation and engineering
IoT & architectural intelligence
Architecture and connected objects
Real-time experiences
high-attendance immersives spaces
Dynamic datavisualization
Our philosophy
2makesense focuses on the understanding of the user, the lived experience, the uses and the contexts.

Incubator of new ideas, we bring our know-how in the consulting and the creation of intuitive solutions and innovative pathways to valorize culture, institutions, companies and brands.

By associating our approaches of innovation and creation, the agency makes the link between the human, the real and the virtual and realizes for its customers new ways to develop their activity, produce the emulsion, the immersion, generate the emotional impact and transform the user into actor.

Study and advice

Creative and technical accompaniment. Targeted response to the needs of companies, institutions and large international groups.

Users, media and ergonomics

Each context directs an original approach. An experience is related to its medium, user behaviors and interactions that may be added.

Creation and project components

Creation and composition of content and rich media responding to contexts of use, scenographic environments, innovation and new engineering qualifications.

Understand the users and create for them

Who are the users, their habits or their learning curves? How, where and when to hold their attention?

We take into account these different questions from the beginning and work on the experience of the user, his five senses, his behaviors and its uses. We adapt to them by communicating with their languages. The concentration is focused on the essential, thus opening to rich experiences, with an immediate handling. Our attention is also focused on accessibility, to allow the greatest number to be accompanied and to live the experiences together, in their own way!

Our greatest satisfaction: to leave a memory, an emotion.

A digital work is thus a custom built, prepared for different contexts and adapted to the user's profile and will.

Immersion, experiential and sensorial branding

Imagine: Contextualize a work or a product to better present them? Dynamically adapt the information for the public who consults it throughout the visit? Visualize a place as it once was? Experiment, in a group, with a practical workshop that starts the subject of an exhibition or seminar?

Associate the diffusion channels, surprise, generate emotions, play with meaning, let the client become actor, interact with the products and create or enrich his universe. In return, learn from the user, translate the information into a useful and practical form.

The agency thus realizes for its clients new ways of developing their activities, communicating, involving the user and the loyalty.

The user is at the center of concerns in all of our designs position.
The goal : a rich, intuitive and immersive experience.
Culture, pedagogy
and digital entertainment

The video-game dimension supports the cultural message, transforms the visitor in an actor of the experience and objectives to achieve (social, advertising, serious and narrative games), creates a strong bond, enhances interest and allows to bring cultural value to everyone at any age.

Both technically and in terms of participatory engagement, the possibilities are infinite.

Innovative and interactive media, devices and spaces

We design multi-platform digital experiences, museum devices, video game applications, user interfaces, installations, which is merging in the environment or associating the real with the virtual, in spaces requiring high level of attendance or high exploitation.

An agency that respects
spaces and supports
customers in long-term

Whether we think of a space or a digital experience, we respect the patrimony and look for how to value and develop it .

We thus realize creative and technological environments that can be associate with spaces and with existing architecture, while producing the personal commitment of visitors. The lived experience is reinforced, the user is put in immersion.

We also establish with you the most adapted solutions of accompaniment and support. So if need be, we continually evolve our works and establish solutions for the context so that you are also involved.

Your operating staff also have our full attention. It is important for us that they enjoy sharing their functional and high-traffic experiences with their audiences.

Added to that
We can deal with
Transmedia Storytelling

Creation of interactive fiction and multi-platform narration. Each medium is a full component of the universe.

New digital entertainment

Revisiting everyday objects: from board games to interactive pawns, drawing tools, books and rich tales.

Data Management
and Information

Study, creation and implementation of acquisition, processing, storage and digital signage solutions. Setting up remote data acquisition methodologies.

High engineering

Business contexts requiring high engineering knowledge, such as the conception of immersive and interconnected multi-platform environments, technologies related to the video-game world, programming, structural designing.