Energy Manager
The serious game
by Total Solar Expert

Teachers and students can intuitively experience energetic behaviors and consequences in a serious micro-management game, available online.

Experiment to discover the energy!

2makesense has designed and produced, through an initiative led by Total / Total Solar Expert, a unique edutainment environment. In an approach of discovery through play, teachers and students (middle school / high school students) can experiment, alone or in groups, the management of energy (its cost, its characteristics and its effects), win trophies and try to solve energy challenges in multiple environments.

The teacher can organize independent sessions, such as group actions where each student then shares the same budget and the same constraints at the same time. Unifying, the students are immediately receptive and immersed in complex subjects, in an approach of controlled entertainment.

  • Production
  • Experiential design & project managing, 2makesense SAS
    (study and orientations, creation, development)

    In collaboration with Ludodago
    (pedagogical complementarity, data research, writing)
  • Customer
  • Total / Total Solar Expert

A free game, accessible online by Total Solar Expert

Discover the game !

Release: September 2020 (until January 2022).

Intuitive handling
Accessibility highlighted

Simple section and a game accessible online.

Enough to experiment complex subjects, with evidence!

Educational adaptability
Many environments and missions

The environments invite the student to diversify his approaches and take the contexts into account.

Single and multiplayer players
Play independently or in a team, within the same environment.

The teacher can organize multiplayer sessions, to invite the students to coordinate in their management.

A team approach that allows you to understand the societal dimension and the art of collaborating.

City, sea, mountain, isolated island ...
Experiment in 3D environments

Each environment has its own characteristics. The seasons, the meteorological context, the density of the population, the scale of the urban space, are all factors that can have an impact on the parties.

Also, the player must be vigilant, manage his economy while collecting an adequate popularity index to solve certain challenges and win trophies. Cutting down trees has consequences, as does the inadequate choice of energy according to the topography presented.

Discover the game
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