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Discover Socibot, an android capable of imitating your emotions.

An human / robot interaction

Put forward on a pedestal which is the connection between the different elements of the experience. This theatrical, futuristic and unexpected structure occupies the space in harmony and is integrates perfectly within the global space of the exhibition. The robot is able to take a picture of the people with whom it communicates and relays pictures through an interface to help the understanding, the discovery and the interaction.

The entire device is designed for the security and human-machine interaction.

The screens is the link with the interactions followed with the android. The robot is programmed to reproduce the emotions and encourage the visitor to play with him in a grimaces' contest... A moment that will be photographed and retransmitted at the end of the exhibition.

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  • Parc du Futuroscope
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  • Theme park, tourism, leisure
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  • Study, innovation design, artistic direction, engineering
  • Authors
  • Furniture design and digital experience: François Amri
    Technical integration: JonLab