"Futur l'Expo" Mobile app

Mobile app    •    Mockup    •    Proof of concept

Mockup and proof of concept of a mobile application interacting with beacons.

Audit and study of a mobile application

Orange Beacons ® were installed in the Futur Expo pavilion at Futuroscope, with the aim of associating them with an application mobile with quizzes and additional playful experiences along the way.

Field validations imposed additional controls and potentially the replacement of Beacons by a wired solution for greater power stability (large differences between two test periods were detected at regular intervals, which would not have allowed a convincing continuous experiment). The project will unfortunately not be continued, but remained interesting. We still want to make you discover :)

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  • Study, innovation design, artistic direction, engineering
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  • Design & Development : François Amri / Benjamin Jaubert