States of Light

Serious game

From white light to prism and optical mixtures, States of Light offers a new way to experiment and discover the mechanics of light.

A Ludo-educational approach associating the object and the virtual

The experience, is a coherent and unique audio-visual universe. It invites to discover the physical mechanics of the light.

Guided step by step, in mini-games or in sandboxes (free experimentation), the unification of objects and virtual offers an accessible scientific and pedagogical framework, a learning by a tangible and intuitive game that modernizes scientific exploration/discovery games.


  • Users apprehend objects in their actual transcription.
  • The manipulated objects immediately reproduce their effects on the screen, allowing the detailed observation of the phenomena.
  • The play contexts are illustrated in a real scientific toolkit for the youngest users.
  • The tablet is a good substitute for a manual and is suitable for live accompanying.
  • The experiment can be played alone or with several people, with one or more objects/media simultaneously.
  • The playful environment involves challenges dedicated to the learning of fundamentals.

Lamps, lasers, prisms, mirrors, lenses ...

A large panel of objects is identified, allowing to play with the spectrum of colors, reflection, diffraction/refraction, divergence/convergence and even cross phenomena with each other.

  • References
  • Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers (CNAM), Gobelins, la Gaîté Lyrique, Futur en Scène
  • Sector
  • Research and play arts
  • Services
  • Study, design and realization
  • Authors
  • Research / Design: François Amri
    Development: Benjamin Jaubert
    Global team:
    François Amri, Benjamin Jaubert, Omar Louhichi, Thomas Jean-Louis, Stephen Schimmenti