Echangeur By BNP Paribas Personal Finance Showroom

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Intelligent and highly functional, this interactive showroom is an unprecedented demonstration system for analyzing, decrypting and presenting technological and service developments in the retail world.

Spaces with amazing technologies, allowing the convergence of demonstrations and information

Inaugurated in 2016 at the head office of BNP Personal Finance, the Echangeur showroom is a highly modern space of 100 square meters used as a center of analysis, presentation and experimentation, dedicated to digital mediation in the world of retail.

2makesense has been able to position itself at the heart of the expectations with a modern interactive, innovative conception to carry the approaches and challenges of the Echangeur By BNP Paribas Personal Finance.

Dedicated to co-working, analysis data and exchanges about innovation, these avant-garde technologies naturally and intuitively fit to their users, associating in a clear and polymorphous way to deal with data, field analysis, understanding of needs and uses. Powered by a tangible and useful identity the data makes sense, the application discovery becomes participatory and the demonstration is simply immersive and constructive!

  • Echangeur By BNP Paribas Personal Finance
  • Finance / Digital Watch / Information Analysis
  • Creation of innovative solutions, experiential identity, support in development
  • François Amri / Benjamin Jaubert
Our interaction systems
Innovative digital solutions to present innovation
Digital system
Interactive experience
of the video wall

The video wall has become the main element of the showroom, with its unique visual identity animated by a compendium of technologies. It serves the user as element of intuitive consultation for visitors, or as a tool for studies and analysis.

The system is surprising as in its autonomy of operation than in its ability to adapt to contexts by being fully controllable and manageable.

In modular or unified spaces, Echangeur's teams can :

  • make presentations of datavisualization
  • match information
  • present documents and analysis
  • proceed to screen mirroring (desktop and mobile)
  • make keynotes led by several speakers
  • present and compare dynamically information and analysis data
Photo credit : François Amri

Study, Design and interactive development: François Amri and Benjamin Jaubert

Digital system
Virtual Assistant

An original digital avatar acts as a demonstration of virtual assistance possibilities.

Users can interact with it through gestures and voice.

Scenic piloting service

The space itself is interconnected, modular and customizable. By intuitive digital interaction, the showroom can thus be transformed at any time into a presentation space, a conference venue, a co-working space and adopt ambiances related to current topics.

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