360° view through the invasion of Poland at Caen Memorial

A 11 meters diameter spherical space, video-projected in its entirety, puts you in immersion in World War II.

A contemplative and surprising experience

2makesense has brought to the Memorial the study, design and conception of a projection technology specifically adapted to the space, has developed a real time 3D diffusion system and has composed a dedicated digital experience.

In the dim light, only the projection and its perspectives are revealed. The 360° complete coverage allows you to live an experience in virtual reality, without breaks or accessories.

A journey through the heart of history

The space consists of a major waypoint, introduced a tipping point of World War II: the invasion of Poland.

The environment positions the visitor at the center of the war archives, unveiling the details of the historical resources and placing it at the center of reconstructions of tanks and airstrikes in complete immersion. This discovery offers a vision of real size both contemplative, surprising and permits to live a striking moment in a piece of history.

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  • Caen Memorial Museum
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  • Study, project managing, development and creation
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  • François Amri
    Benjamin Jaubert

Design of an hemispherical projection system,
opening the pathway

A digital experience

designed for immersion in history