Children's costumes

Adults and children, let yourself be tempted by the opportunity to try costumes while leaving room for your imagination.

The immagination become real

A discovery for everyone in front of the screen: dress up in real time (and allow this experience in a context of high attendance!).

For adults, this experience offers the possibilities to try a wardrobe by gestures, while younger can become superheroes or fictional characters by selecting their costumes on a timed and intuitive interface.

Intuitive, his ergonomics captive instantaneous.

The game takes all its meaning and of course, nothing prevents youngest and oldest to exchange roles!

  • Operator
  • Parc du Futuroscope
  • Industry
  • Theme park, tourism, leisure
  • Services
  • Study, innovation design, artistic direction, engineering
  • Authors
  • Study, artistic direction, integration and design of interactive user interfaces:
    François Amri / Benjamin Jaubert.
    Design / Development RA:
    Gimbal Cube.