Molecular gastronomy discovery

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The fridge of the future could help us with cooking recipes based on the food it contains and helping us with their preparations.

Candies, molecular cocktails, pasta without eggs... to discover at the Futur Expo BarLab'.

How food takes a new step
in the kitchen

A discovery of the molecular kitchen and home automation of the future. The refrigerator of tomorrow is a real interactive personal assistant. Thanks to a transparent glass that reveals its contents and a selector affixed to signage, the visitor discovers new recipes to reproduce at home, or to taste at BarLab'!

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  • Theme park, tourism, leisure
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  • Study, innovation design, artistic direction, engineering
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  • Storytelling, technical implementation studies, sign design: François Amri
    Video production: Illegal Factory
    Video production management: Bosa
    Arduino implementation and sequence execution guidelines: JonLab.