Interactive mapping room

Interactive and immersive experience    •    Attraction and tourism    •    Real time mapping

And what if tomorrow you could change the decoration of a room at will?

Interactive mapping in interior, controlled in real time by visitors

The originality of this space, a mapping played in interior space to cover the complete room.

The staging, technology and content that we have created allow the visitor to act in a very intuitive way on the space, instantly producing new perspectives and compositions.

  • Operator
  • Parc du Futuroscope
  • Industry
  • Theme park, tourism, leisure
  • Services
  • Study, innovation design, artistic direction, engineering
  • Authors
  • Identity, technology, design and development:
    François Amri and Benjamin Jaubert
    Technical contribution: JonLab

An experience to change a room's decoration at will

No more furnitures, the walls become a dynamic canvas in real time that meets the desires of each visitor. This is the answer we made for the room, a fully mapped room that allows you to change the decoration at will, control its lighting and so on.

... Or to travel in unusual environments

The entire room is then transformed in an amazing audiovisual atmosphere that makes the walls fall. In space, under the stars, below the sea, on the top of a mountain, in the forest, in the city ... the mapped dynamic environments create a fully immersion.