Robotic Balls
(Sphero® trail)

Interactive experience    •    Robotics

Have you ever try to drive a robotic ball?!

New hobbies in sight

Come and test your skills through a dedicated application. The interface makes it easier to control and coordinate the steering of the balls whatever your position around the table, it also studied especially to meet the needs of the experience.

We have manage the design of a table, interface and a fully autonomous system to invite visitors to discover Sphero® robotic balls. Through a color code and a simple handling, the visitor controls them from his point of view without requiring learning or calibration. The balls are controlled to return automatically to their charging stations and changed between games.

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  • Parc du Futuroscope
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  • Theme park, tourism, leisure
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  • Study, innovation design, artistic direction, engineering
  • Auteurs
  • Research & design (furniture/interface): François Amri
    Integration and development: CRIIF.