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An innovative, unique and free experience to fully live within the pathway of "La Futaie des Clos": an impressive journey full of history and an awakening of the five senses in the domain of Bercé.


Discover the forest from another angle

Born in 1683, "La Futaie des Clos" is one of the most beautiful places in the Bercé forest (stated as Forêt d'Exception®). Famous for its majestic oaks (a lot of them exceeds 45 meters height), the forest offers a walkpath of nearly 500 meters that marks both the history it preserves over the centuries that the emotions it lavish.

It was therefore essential to build a mobile experience that allows you to see the forest and its history from an other point of view, become one with it and develop your perception - as well as listening to your senses - in this exceptional location.

In the forest (where there is no network access), the mobile experience relies on real time detection of points of interest to see reconstructions, cross the time in augmented reality, see the forest from another angle... Technologies are used so that the visitor never detaches from where he is and can leave with discoveries he has made.

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  • ONF
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  • Public forest management
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  • Study and design of interactive experiences (app and trail signage)
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  • François Amri
    Benjamin Jaubert
to discover on the estate
A smartphone / tablet experience linked to the walkpath
Reality takes part in digital
Components are made for reenactments
Futaie des Clos - Bercé Forest