Naester (Perigee Next)

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Online publishing solution, Naester is the logical evolution of Perigee Software Suite, providing full workflow/products management and dedicated publishing systems.

A cloud for publishing and publishing management

Perigee Software Suite is a CMS/PIM software solution dedicated to the collaborative and interconnected production of catalogs and media.

FOT Technologie company undertakes in 2016 the declination of the Perigee existing suite, wishing to make the solution accessible to any access point and favoring the embedded for ease of access. Through this will of FOT Technologies, a new stake : make its solution intuitive.

2makesense has worked on the ergonomic design and the identity of the new online interface and the delivery of front-end components ready for integration. The design is unified and focused on the user experience and accessibility. In terms of services, the system releases new tools dedicated to the organization, monitoring and construction of the media itself.

  • Operator
  • FOT Technologies
  • Sector
  • Omni-channel publishing (web/print) and content management solutions
  • Services
  • Study of use and user experience, visual identity and interface design.
  • Author
  • François Amri
Release of Naester 1.0

FOT Technologies finalizes its developments in October 2017 and formalizes the solution under the name of Naester.

Among its features:

  • Integration of existing publications
  • Real-time management of publications via flatplans
  • Configurable production workflow
  • Management of users, entities and roles
  • Exports for professional printers
  • Management of positioning and congestion of products on page
  • Interconnection with Adobe Indesign for layout
  • Management of presentation types and page templates