Me and my prostheses

And what if you could try yourself exoskeletons and prostheses?

Try yourself the scientific progress
in matter of exoskeletons and prostheses

[p]In February 2018, the Quai des Savoirs, in partnership with the Natural History Museum of Toulouse and the Toulouse urban community, launches the exhibition #HumainDemain. This exhibition introduces four experiments of manipulation/discovery, including an immersive experience created by 2makesense:
  • Operators
  • Quai des Savoirs, the Natural History Museum of Toulouse (MHNT) and the Toulouse urban community
  • Sector
  • Cultural exhibitions
  • Services
  • Real time interactive manipulation
  • Authors
  • François Amri
    Benjamin Jaubert
Three large families of ready-to-wear items

2makesense has developed and implemented three large families of prostheses that the visitor can select and wear in real time.


Exoskeleton research focuses on many areas of application. The experiment thus includes 3 exoskeletons (a military, running or motricity exoskeleton) which can be selected by the visitor, attach to his body and follow each of his movements.

Body prostheses

The body prosthesis goes beyond the replacement of a missing limb. It can be presented as a motorized element (myoelectric), as an intelligent and autonomous system or even as a real fashion object. It allows to recover senses, it can also multiply capacities or apply to very specific fields of activity (sport, work, etc). Visitors discover with astonishment their substituted members in real time.

Internal prostheses

Simulation of X-ray view! Visitors discover the components of their bodies, embellished with prostheses such as a femur, a knee, a vertebral joint, or an artificial eye.

Innovative processes

Beyond the content itself, the experience involves many innovative approaches.