"Futur l'Expo" at Futuroscope

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Discover the great technological advances that will transform the way we live, play and consume in the near future.

Launched in 2015, Futur Expo is a exhibition composed by 10 innovatives, participatives and interactives experiences.

A real cultural and educational showcase, the pavilion opens its doors in July 2015, introducing a walkpath composed of 10 major experiences. The founders of 2makesense are at the origin of the project since its study phase and have worked on the creation of 8 major experiences.

Honored by the public and the press, the pavilion is a success for which 2makesense was proud to follow up and bring new solutions until July 2016.

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Experience n°1
Sensory welcome table

It is one of the first installation visible from the entrance: a welcome table with a plan and in front of it, a mascot playing the role of conductor bellow ten screens. All of them is interconnected and produces a new kind of navigation to discover and present the exhibition.

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Experience n°1 - Updated Jan. 2016
Interactive quiz on welcome table

Five players can challenge themselves on a timed interactive quiz. In the same time, the mascot challenges the audience and orchestrates the flow of questions. At the end of each question, the table displays a representation of the results in form of data-visualization, allowing the visitors to compare their answers to those brought by other visitors since the launching of the experience!

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Communication point
Teaser for the IOS / Android mobile app

Next to the welcome table, a three-screen broadcast system presents the next coming mobile application.

The broadcast content usefully exploits the three screens and comes to recall the orchestration presented on the welcome table, while the screens stacking directly echoes the following experience.

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Photo credit : Benjamin Jaubert

Furniture design and digital experience: François Amri. Technical integration: JonLab. Manufacture of furniture: GL-Event.

Experience n°2
The emotional robot

On a piece of aerial furniture stands the robotic bust Socibot®, a robot designed by the firm Robotespian®. This robot has the ability to integrate dialogues and reproduce facial expressions. The custom-designed triptych and digital content create a strong identity in the tone of the exhibition and provide a unique playful experience.

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Experience n°3
Lounge of the future

The lounge of tomorrow could help us, plan our tasks and offer us the gift of ubiquity. This space with a unique design also allows to discover, in complements of different connected objects, the holographic technology through a virtual butler. Added to that, Beam® tele-presence robots can be driven and can interact in the exhibition.

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Photo credit : Francois Amri

Design of the components of user interface and identification of ground marking: François Amri. AR Design/Development: Gimbal Cube.

Experience n°4
Dressing room in augmented reality

An intuitive installation to try clothes!

The visitors has just to come in front of the screen and follow the instructions. There are two devices, one for women dressing room and the second for men dressing room, but visitors are free to choose the one they want!

Experience n°5
Interactive mapping room

The dreamed way to transform a space. Through an intuitive tablet navigation, the visitor can dynamically customize the decoration around them, or even set the entire room into sensory universes!

A real-time 360° immersive experience that does not involve VR headsets!

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Photo credit : Francois Amri

Research & design (furniture/interface): François Amri. Integration and developments: CRIIF.

Experience n°6
Robotic balls trail

The discovery of Spheros® robotic balls from a table surrounded by three Microsoft Surface tablets. At each session, players can take control of one ball, identifiable by their individual color. The interfaces are intuitive and adopt the respective point of view of each participant and the balls alternately switch between sessions to maintain their batteries loads.

This experience is replaced after five months of commissioning. Unfortunately the handling was not suitable for the context of continuous operation, losing the autonomy of the experience. A new activity has been completely redesigned for this space!

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Experience n°6 - Created jan. 2016
Virtual arena in augmented reality

An interactive game allowing the participants to drive to the choice: a car, a drone or a robotic ball. Each of the vehicles have different characteristics in a futuristic universe. An other originality about this table is its ability to detect in real time any object placed on its surface and transform it into an obstacle, thus allowing an infinite freedom in the design of circuits and putting everyone to contribution!

The game is known for its playfulness and gives a smile to everyone who has known the famous game "Micro Machines" :)

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Photo credit : Francois Amri

Study, artistic direction, integration and interaction design of user interfaces: François Amri and Benjamin Jaubert. Design/development AR: Gimbal Cube.

Experience n°7
Children's costumes in augmented reality

Let your children the opportunity to try a multitude of costumes while leaving room for their imagination. In front of the screen, they will be able to discover at their height an application adapted for them. Easily understandable, its ergonomics allows a grip almost instantaneous.

Adult... but with a child's soul? Let yourself be tempted too!

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Experience n°10
Molecular gastronomy fridge

Through a glass/translucent screen, the refrigerator of the future is presented as a real interactive personal assistant. he could tomorrow offer us cooking recipes according to the food he contains and help us with their preparations such as candy recipes, molecular cocktails, or make pasta without eggs...

A perfect introduction before the visitor continues his experience at the BarLab' for a tasting of molecular cuisine!

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Photo credit : Francois Amri

Design & developpment : 2makesense SAS - François Amri et Benjamin Jaubert.

Experience n°11 - Updated avr. 2016
Giant tangram

Visitors are invited to solve large scale puzzles, manipulating real-life pieces alone or with others. This interactive game has no less than eleven figures with unique combinations to discover!

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Staff Tool
Webservice / Experiences Management System

A successful experience is not only when it's easy for visitors, it's also when the experience is intuitive for our customers! To this end, we have configured and created an interfaced network solution to interact directly with all the experiences. Thus, allowing the park's teams to stay close to the public while performing simple acts of support (identification of network incidents, restarts and so on).

Photo credit : Francois Amri

Research and design : François Amri. Integration and development : Benjamin Jaubert.

Not launched
Mobile experience

Orange Beacons® were installed on each experience of the exhibition in order to be used with a potential mobile application! Thus, a quiz and additional playful experiences could be offered to the public along the pathway.

Field validation required additional controls and potentially the replacement of the beacons by a wired solution for greater powers stability (the field tests showed great differences between two periods of tests at regular intervals, which would not have allowed a convincing continuous experiment). The project has been unfortunately not continued, but remain no less interesting. We wanted to make you discover it :)

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